The whole process was smooth and stress-free.

Chelsea was the first and only agent we used to purchase our home a few short weeks ago. She came highly recommend and never disappointed! She is polite, detail oriented (lots of notes), curious (each home is unique and an excited agent makes a better experience), readily  available (phone, text, and email), and punctual (you’d be surprised how important that is once you’ve waited for a while outside a property waiting to see inside!). Once we decided to make a move on our house, she was there to walk us thru the NY process (out-of-Stater), was not shy to bounce ideas off co-workers (weekly meetings with her office to discuss ideas resulted in quick action!), and was even aggressive when asked to get answers on the house or past rental income. In short, we always felt like her attention was squarely on us and our goal of purchasing our dream home. She was undoubtedly busy with other clients but she was able to balance everything effortlessly. During the inspection, she was present and taking lots of notes. She used those notes as a check list during the final walk thru before the closing. Very helpful!!! Chelsea connected us with a great attorney for the closing. The whole process was smooth and stress-free. As an out-of-Stater, it was easy to get a Power of Attorney (POA) for my wife. Helpful in case you are purchasing as an investment and cannot be present on closing day. I highly recommend Chelsea for your next home purchase. We loved our experience working with her

— Adam Zeisel